Landscape Lighting & Irrigation

For all your Lighting and Irrigation needs, GrandScapes is here to help. As Charleston’s top-ranked Landscaping service in the Lowcountry, we have you covered. Ensuring flawless landscaping means accounting for lighting and irrigation in our design and installation plans.

Why add Landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting increases the usability of your outdoor living space by illuminating the features you love most. You can spotlight oak and palm trees, add lighting to flower beds and gazebos, and brighten walkways and patios for safety.

We can install many types of lighting to suit your needs, including floodlights, solar-powered lights, string lighting, pathway lights, motion sensor lights, and so much more.

Backyard lighting installation in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Why do I need an Irrigation system?

It’s no secret that the Lowcountry is notorious for its inclement weather – including the harsh summer sun that bakes our lawns. An irrigation system allows us to apply controlled amounts of water to your lawn at the appropriate times to ensure your landscape vegetation stays healthy and hydrated.

No lawn is the same.

Whether your landscape receives high amounts of direct sunlight or spends the day bathed in shade, our team of professionals will design, install, and maintain your custom fit irrigation system to keep your landscape at its peak.

We will walk through your property to determine the best course of action for your unique needs. We will installation drip irrigation for beds and various subsurface irrigations for keeping your grass green!

We will install systems specific to your needs – large or small, within plant beds, and with as many zones as your property requires.

We will adjust systems seasonally, and monitor timers periodically for proper usage.

Your Lighting & Irrigation Experts

Looking for a new lighting or irrigation system, or upgrades to an existing one? Call GrandScapes today at (843) 814-0808. We have the expertise and tools to help you keep your lawn looking its best, day and night!